January 12

Nothing New Needed

II Peter 1:4a …His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness…

The “all things” of II Peter 1 means…all things. We don’t need any new revelation. We don’t need The Book of Mormon, the Qur’an, Dianetics, The Secret, The Rules, or the latest secret book of belief or conduct.

What we need is to grow in understanding and to walk in faith. Some of us say we have a revelation when really what we’ve received is insight and understanding of one of God’s principles. We’ll always need more illumination, but what Peter says here is that there is no more revelation available beyond what we’ve been given in Christ. All we need is what He’s done in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; what He’s revealed in His Word; and a humble heart and mind that is willing to be led into all truth by the Holy Spirit. There will always be more to learn and receive, but it’s never going to be anything outside of what’s already been provided for in Him.

Christianity is truth, not a truth, or one legitimate belief system among many. It’s truth. Now there is more to Jesus, the Scriptures and the whole of the Christian experience than we’ll ever get to experience on this side of the grave; it’s an adventure that never gets old and never runs out. But anything that claims to be new revelation but is outside of Jesus and the Word is simply wrong. If it has a strong allure, there is probably something in us that needs to be healed, or filled, by the Lord. But if Jesus isn’t at the center of an understanding, it’s a poison pill. Not only will it be harmful, it will prevent the healing we need from reaching what hurts.

We also have a need to keep walking in faith. Aside from seeking the Lord for more understanding of Him and His ways, we need to move forward by taking steps of faith. That’s how we first get in the Kingdom of God, and it’s the way we move forward.

Let’s determine this year to keep our minds and hearts centered in Christ.

Prayer: Lord, You’ve given us all we need to move forward in life and in understanding Your kingdom. Thank you for that provision. Help me to keep recognizing the treasures inside Your Word, and the treasures of understanding given by Your Spirit. And help me not to look outside of Your kingdom for truth and life, but to keep seeking it until I find it in You.