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Dear Readers:

Thank you for signing up for these daily devotionals. For the newer readers, I want to let you know that My Light and My Salvation is the printed book form of these devotionals, beautifully laid out by Broadstreet Publishing, and with room for notes for each day. It’s available through Broadstreet, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other websites. (They make great gifts for any occasion.)

Also, some of you know that I write film reviews and analyses. You can read them and sign up for them at http://www.film-prof.com. Warning : ) : I am a certified film nerd with two film degrees, and the reviews reflect that kind of background. But serious film folks might be interested.

Lastly, I wanted you know that I have a number of articles posted on the markdupre.com website other than the daily devotional entries. Some are film reviews that I felt needed to be posted on markdupre.com because of their topic. But some address other issues. See below for the titles and hyperlinks. Parents: You might be VERY interested in the parenting article. Happy reading!


Abortion and the Film Image

An Obscure Line: A response to President Obama’s quote about Romans

The Holy Spirit and Me!

The Local Church: God’s Great Gift to You

Preventing Entitled Children: Don’t Believe Them, Don’t Defend Them, and Don’t Feel Sorry for Them

Riffing on Jesus

Film Reviews

“Judgment at Nuremberg” and “A Man for All Seasons”: The Cinema of Conscience (available at http://www.film-prof.com)

Ode to an old movie

“Risen” movie analysis

Review of “The Shack”

“The Tree of Life,” Part Two