February 13

Does God Care Where I Live? Part 2

Genesis 13:8-13 See yesterday’s devotional.

As we saw in yesterday’s reading, there can be a big difference in how people determine their paths in life. Lot chose based on what seemed good to him (he lifted up his eyes), and Abram took direction from the Lord (“The Lord said to Abram…’Lift up your eyes’”). We can see from where they each ended up that their entire process of choosing was different, and it affected the rest of their lives and the lives of their descendants.

Within the big lesson of letting God direct our paths is a lesson connected to the specific decision made by each of these two men. It matters where we decide to live—in two ways. Lot chose to place himself among wicked men, and it had a terrible influence on him. Abram was determined to create a godly environment around him (the first thing he did—v. 18—was build an altar).

There are many scriptures that warn us against surrounding ourselves with the ungodly (Psalm 1:1 is just one example). Lot may have been among the first who told himself that he would have a positive spiritual influence on his environment. But the wickedness he surrounded himself with was too powerful, and it infected his spiritual life. It’s especially important in the life of a new believer that he or she “walk with the wise” and get established in godliness. Too many have stayed in compromising situations after they come to Christ, and they—and others—have paid the price.

Yet even more specific a point is that yes, God cares where you live. It’s important to ask him and let him “lift up our eyes” and see where He is pointing. It’s far too easy to be like Lot, and look around to determine what seems to work best for us. Some of us want to be X miles from work, X miles from family, and X miles from shopping. We decide on our apartment or house based on how these various elements settle out in our thinking. These are probably all valid things to consider, but we sin when we don’t bring God into the process and ask Him to direct us.

God knows what’s best for us, and what will work best for our immediate futures. He knows who He wants as our neighbors. He knows what neighborhood is His best for us, and what living situation will best work His purposes in our lives. Lot’s future was greatly impacted by his choice of “neighborhood,” and none of us want to imitate that. It seemed to make sense to him at the time; it was “logical” and seemed an excellent choice. We’ll never know how God might have directed Him had Lot simply asked for His guidance.

The next time you move, even if it’s within the same area, let’s make sure to bring God into the process. We often ask for His help in opening doors and allowing us to find that good place. But let’s start asking Him for direction even before the decision-making process begins.

Prayer: Lord, thank You that You care enough about every detail of my life that You care where I live. Whether it will have a great impact on me, or a little one, I ask You to direct me in my next move. Help me to have greater faith that You can direct me, and I trust you to open every door of wisdom and provision.