UC–What’s the role of the Bible?

Christians have a wide range of beliefs about the Bible. But going back to my definition of a Christian (https://markdupre.com/2011/12/31/christianity-for-non-christians/), we believe that the Bible is God’s word to us. We believe it contains the story of how God created the earth, created humanity, how we got into trouble as a human race, and how God worked to save us from the mess we made. It also contains the doctrines that we believe in, such as Jesus being both God and man. Christians also believe that while it has history, poetry, personal letters and songs, it’s all true and makes sense when we read it correctly.

The more serious Christians have a kind of personal relationship with the Bible, and read it either regularly or every day. We feel that God uses it to communicate general truths to us, and also, occasionally, will communicate to us something on a more personal level, such as an understanding we didn’t have, or an encouragement, or a smack upside the head.


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