April 3

Will You Pass on Your Inheritance? Part 2

Ps. 119:111 Your testimonies I have taken as an inheritance forever; for they are the rejoicing of my heart.

Note the action taken in the scripture above: Your testimonies I have taken as an inheritance…. Simply knowing that we have an earthly inheritance is next to useless unless we show up for the reading of the will (or at least find out what is in it) and claim what’s ours.

Look at Ps. 16:5-6: “O LORD, you are the portion of my inheritance and my cup;
You maintain my lot. The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; yes, I have a good inheritance.” The psalmist checked out his inheritance. He was familiar enough with it to ascertain its dimensions, its boundaries, and the “pleasantness” of what he saw.

Have you thoroughly explored your inheritance? Have you read about who you are, what riches you have, and the privileges you have in Christ? When it comes to the idea of inheritance, are you looking backward to what you have inherited from your family, or what life has handed you? Or are you looking around you, seeing what God says you are, and what He has given you?

We read about Esau despising his inheritance, and we shake our heads in disbelief. But to some extent, we are all guilty of the same thing. Like Esau, we disrespect our inheritance by not treasuring it like we should, and by substituting other things for it. Esau’s inheritance was the double portion of his father’s estate and the blessing of the father that came with it. His pathetic substitute for that was some bread and a red stew of lentils. (Genesis 25:29-31).

What have you received from God so far? If you’re a believer, you have a testimony. You have the word in your mind and in your hearts. You have salvation, the demonstrated faithfulness of God, you know what the truth is. You have His presence with us at all times. You have His power and grace. That’s a great inheritance—and it’s just the beginning!

And we have the Scriptures—that special map that tells us where the treasures are. The Scriptures are our family history, our genealogy, the will that tells us what we inherit.

What is your “red stew”? Is it a moment of pleasure–is it drinking, or drugs, or sex? Is it dating or planning to marry an unbeliever (marrying someone without an inheritance)? Is the good feeling of having someone love you now worth throwing away the inheritance that God has given you?

Is your “red stew” money, the desire for fame, or always being focused on having a good time? Is it simply laziness? Jacob knew Esau’s weaknesses, and he exploited them. Of course nothing is wrong with eating a meal, but everything is wrong when that meal ends up as a replacement for a divine inheritance. Our enemy knows our weaknesses too, and wants to use them as sorry replacements for the greater things God has in store for us to take.

Prayer: Lord, please identify my “red stew” weaknesses, the things I substitute for your inheritance to me. Open my eyes to see the birthright my new birth has provided for me, and teach me to be more assertive in taking what You’re giving.


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