June 12

Psalm 121, Part 3

Psalm 121:2 & 5 My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth…. The LORD is your keeper; the LORD is your shade at your right hand.

What a promise to those on a journey—that the Lord (the more personal, covenant name of our God) promises to be with us, as close as our shadow. See Deuteronomy 31:6 and Isaiah 41:10 for the Lord’s encouragements to those who feared. There is nothing more powerful or encouraging to say to someone fearing than to tell them that He would be with them.

He’s also promised to be our helper. We tend to think of “helpers” as assistants, as people less important than the person doing the main task. There is the “real do-er,” and then there is “the helper.” It’s hard sometimes to see that God has put Himself in that role for us. If we are honest, we know that we need help on our Christian walk. Happily, our helper is God Himself.

We’ve all had “helpers” in the kitchen, on our taxes, and in our personal lives. Some were of genuine help, some weren’t. Some just cared, but didn’t really have the power to help. God cares more than any human could, and He describes Himself here as the One who made heaven and earth. That’s real help, and real power, and puts into perspective any need we might have along the way in our journey.

Our culture makes us feel bad for needing help. It takes the experiences of life and the power of the Holy Spirit to show us how much we need help. And that’s good! We’re created to need it, and created to have that main Helper be the God who created the universe!

We’ll talk about how He helps us specifically in the next days. But for now, let us not “think of [ourselves] more highly than [we] ought to think” (Romans 12:3) in terms of needing help. And let us remember that God’s goal is not our self-sufficiency. That should never be our goal, either. We need to get it settled that we are in constant need of help, and that our Creator has made it this way. The good news is that He Himself is our helper.

Prayer: Lord, You are my helper. Please remind me of this until I get a complete understanding of it. Forgive me for my independence and self-sufficiency. Help me to learn how to work with You as my Lord, Savior and Helper.


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