June 11

Psalm 121, Part 2

Psalm 121:1-2 I will lift up my eyes to the hills—from whence comes my help? My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth.

We are on a journey to becoming more and more like Jesus, but the pathway on that journey is as individual as we are.

Ps. 121 is the psalm for all of us; it’s a description of a pilgrim who knows where he’s going, and is set on making the journey. But he doesn’t exactly know what he’s going to run into. Isn’t that all of us?

In verse 1, as the pilgrim begins, he looks up and sees the hills. They mean two things to the pilgrim—one wonderful and one scary. In the mind more than in actual eyesight, he sees his goal—the Hill of Zion, where he intends to join other believers in worshiping the Lord. This is where the Lord has chosen to dwell (Psalm 132:13) and where the pilgrim can most directly meet God. Considering Zion brings the pilgrim joy, strength and encouragement.

So why does he need help? Because the other hills between him and Zion were dangerous. There were lions, bears and robbers who found it easy to hide in the craggy terrain. There was too much heat during the day and not enough at night. Enemy soldiers found easy lodging in the hills as well. These were legitimate concerns.

As you look at your own hills—those things standing between you and Zion—what brings you fear? What are you upset about, confused about, struggling with? Whatever it is, it’s just the latest thing that you are running into on your journey to being like Jesus. As we walk forward, even if we don’t know we’re walking forward, we are going to encounter challenges.

Rest assured that whatever is there in the hills is part of the journey. Don’t be distracted from your destination of Zion because of what is in the hills between you and Zion. God will get you through. He will provide. He will protect you. He will move dangers away from you that you will never know about until heaven.

Sometimes we forget we’re on a journey because we’re up close and personal with a trial or hardship. Don’t be distracted! You’re going somewhere. Don’t close in on yourself. This thing isn’t going to stop you. Keep going! Don’t ever forget that you are going somewhere!

Remember, our help comes from the Lord, the One who made heaven and earth. Since He is the One drawing you to Himself in the first place, it’s in His interest to get you through whatever is in the hills so you can get to Zion. He wants you to continue your journey more than you do!

Prayer: Lord, thank You that You are the One who will get me through every possible obstacle and danger. Help me remember that You have the plan to get through and past everything that slows me down. And thank You that You care more than I do that I make it to Zion.


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