Book form of devotional

Dear Devotional Readers:

Most of you are aware of what I’m writing about here, but we have a number of new readers. These daily devotionals are also available in book form. The book is “My Light and My Salvation” (see below) and it’s available from BroadStreet Publishing, Amazon, Christianbook, and other places. Each entry is a slightly edited version of the electronic entry, and the book is also a journal, with room for notes.

I’ve been told that BroadStreet is planning to re-issue the devotional in a more compact form at the end of the year, taking out the journal part of the book to make it smaller and more portable. But there are still journal forms of the book available for anyone that would like one for themselves or as a gift.

Blessings to all of you!

Mark DuPré

2 thoughts on “Book form of devotional

  1. This book, in its present format, or in the condensed version, is a wonderful , insightful tool for the time spent in contemplation and preparation for the day, or as a wind-down especially focused perspective at the close of the day. I have bought many, many of them to share and to know that what the readers will be getting through Mark DuPres’s writings will be beneficial, encouraging and useful in building spiritual literacy and depth of character to those who read it. I highly recommend the book. Thank you Mark for your work in this and the ministry you have thru it. I thank God for your gift and willingness to share it.

    • Rilla: Thanks so very much for taking the time to write, and to express such encouraging words. They are received with joy and gratitude. May the devotionals continue to bless and equip the saints wherever they are read! God is good, and so much more than we know!

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